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As Dave and Penny's marriage nearly ended, Jesus gave them a promise, "Out of a united marriage will come the outflow of ministry". Not knowing how this would happen, He gave them a faithful couple who journeyed along side, instilling biblical truths that preserved, healed, and rebuilt their hearts and home. Today Jesus is fulfilling his promise.  He gave them the name Imagine Beautiful and a coaching approach to work as a team. Dave and Penny pour into each couple biblical principles that unite, and grow marriages. They have been married 36 years. Their two adult children are married and have blessed them with three granddaughters.

Dave Bertsch
Certified Marriage Summit™Coach

Dave has worked 33 years in the mortgage banking industry, managing teams and coaching a sales force. He brings his extensive background of business and relationship building into his role as a Marriage Summit™ Coach. Dave is a licensed minister.  He holds a B.S. degree in Banking and Finance.  He is committed to sharing the good news of the gospel, and raising up a future generation that will live to follow Christ.  Dave enjoys quality time with family and the game of golf. 

Penny Bertsch, CLC, CLPF
Executive Director
Founder of the Marriage Summit™ Retreat

Penny has worked in Freedom Ministry and Reconciliation for 18 years, and as a certified Life Coach and Life Plan Facilitator for 11 years.


Penny journeys along side of couples and women, to encourage them to press on toward the goal of building lasting relationships, fulfilling their calling, and finishing well. 

She is an inventor and process designer, created their proprietary Marriage Summit™ Retreat, and life discovery coaching tools. Penny is a licensed minister, a bible teacher, and facilitator of adult relational learning.  

Penny enjoys extending her heart and home to family, friends, and foreigners.

About Imagine Beautiful


We are a non-profit organization.

We trust in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We strengthen marriages through biblical coaching and retreats.  

We help you build your relationship so you stay connected and enjoy life together.

We facilitate freedom and healing when you have been snared and wounded by life's challenges.

We build up and equip you to influence future generations so the family receives the fullness of God's blessings.

We provide a welcoming atmosphere and a safe place for you to move upon and plan for opportunities for life change. 

We created the Marriage Summit™ Retreat so you can get away and reset your life and marriage priorities.

We created the Marriage Internal Operating System™ so you have a tool for building unity in your marriage, giving guidance

for productive conversation, while discussing current opportunities, leading to sound decisions for a successful journey.

Allow us to come on this journey with you. 

Decision is the doorway into reality!

Our Vision - Values - Goals

Our Vision:


If I were to write the end of our story it would go something like this; Couples from afar and near experienced the redemptive power of Christ, developed a strong marriage, realized their life purpose, and carried out their mission, all for the glory of God. 

Our Core Convictions:

Marriage / Family - honor marriage with high regard Hebrews 13:4


Freedom - liberty to take action John 8:36


Faith - assurance of things hoped for Luke 17:5


Endurance - stay on course to reach the goal 1 Thessalonians 1:3


Develop - bring understanding to one's creative design Ephesians 2:10


Prosperity - caring for your soul to promote outward success 3 John 1:2


Health - mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing Proverbs 4:20-23


Our Goals:

Lordship- worship, pray, and live the Word of God.


Unity- make decisions by prayer, Word of God, and the use of our Marriage Internal Operating System™ (a tool used in our Coaching methods)


Love- love deeply, generously, and outrageously. 


Understanding- learn & strive to understand one another, listen well.


Support- support one another's personal and professional goals, encourage growth, and celebrate successes.


Accountability- speak the truth, receive the truth, and be accountable to one another.


Perseverance- move toward the breakthroughs and do not return to life that does not work.


Stewardship- tithe, reduce our debt, and share what we have with others.  


Learn- allow ourselves to be sharpened by life experiences and people God brings across our path.  

Our mission is to strengthen marriages through biblical coaching and retreats.