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What are People Saying?


Love is in the air!

“Our destination coaching retreat was a wonderful time to unplug from the day to day pressures of life, running a business, and raising a young family. We laughed, we prayed, we relaxed in a beautiful destination, and we worked to design our life around our marriage priorities and God’s calling for our life. Dave and Penny helped us navigate some challenging areas, and we left with renewed vision for our marriage and actionable ideas that lead to lasting results.”


Soul Care Retreat

We didn't realize what a gift this retreat would be to us. It was the honeymoon we never had.  

We are going back to our work refreshed and renewed, and able to give more of ourselves to the church and community we serve in.  


Purposeful Path

Our marriage has been strengthened and unified in so many areas after our coaching sessions with Dave and Penny.


They took time with each of us to really look at areas we were blind to and areas we needed to improve our communication.


We look forward to more coaching with them and can't wait to see the transformation and growth that is yet to come.

At our Marriage Summit Retreat, we were given vision for our mission to reach into the lives of neighborhood dads and their kids. While faithfully acting on this vision, more was given to us.  Over the past 7 years God showed us additional steppingstones for a national ministry to the fatherless. We thank the Lord for the ways fatherless children are being provided for, taught the ways of our heavenly Father, and shown His love. 


Taking a Pause

Having time and space to be quiet helped me think deeply on what God has in mind for the upcoming miles of my journey.


Looking Forward

Dave and Penny helped us to discuss the many pieces of our lives, past and present, and see how they all fit together into the marriage we have today and the marriage we want in the future.

Woman with Bible

Found Answers

Somewhere around August, I think it was last year, you were so generous to open your beautiful home to a few of us for a "Retreat" Seminar, which I enjoyed very much. 

Now, 6 months later, with my husband gone for a week, I treated myself to a 3-day retreat at home. I did like you suggested, and ask God some questions, then wait to see what happens. It was so powerful! My brain was exploding with "answers" coming through. Stuff I never realized or thought about that way. "Eye opening" is an understatement. I am just wrapping it up and wanted to share it with you and say thank you one more time.

Keep doing what you are doing - blessing people with your knowledge and wisdom!

Karin Beaufoy

Our mission is to strengthen marriages and families, through biblical coaching, reconciliation, and retreats. 

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