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For Women

A woman will journey well in life and have more joy in marriage, motherhood, the workplace, friendships, and her community when she experiences personal development coaching, mentorship, and formal training. 


Penny pours into each woman she meets with.  She listens closely to you, looks for your strengths, believes you are alive with possibilities and able to experience success.  She gives you support for best practices for fruitful living.  Penny helps you reclaim your dreams and overcome the fears that keep you stuck.  She provides an environment where you look-in to heart matters, and relationships, moving you to reach for God's best.


We are developing intergenerational groups of women to meet in homes where mentoring relationships happen.  Together we learn ways of life that help us care for the women Jesus created us to be, and the homes and people He gave us to steward. 

What would it be like to be a part of a group, be valued for who you are and the contributions you can bring?


Develop skills within the current educational trend of "experiential learning".


Disciple others so they can know what is of Jesus, what is not, and what to do about it. 


Enhance your ability to study the Bible and teach God's Word. 


Define  your calling, decide who you are called to reach, plan for a purposeful approach, launch, and begin to soar.

Retreats and Workshops

Spirit - Soul - Body Retreat

1 Thessalonians 5: 23 tells us we are to be preserved complete in our spirit, soul, and body.This retreat brings you refreshment, healing, freedom, and  wholeness.  


Developing Connections Through Questions- for Leading, Coaching, and Mentoring Others

Managing Conflict and Creating a Win- Learn  to handle conflict well in this interactive workshop.


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