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Marriage Relationship Coaching

What would it be like for someone to get behind your marriage and journey with you, helping to develop a united approach to reach the pinnacle together?

Coaching with Penny & Dave helps you uncover answers to questions like these:


  • Who can help us navigate the mountains and valleys challenging our relationship?

  • How can we experience increasing satisfaction and growth in our marriage?

  • What if we could know more about each others deepest desires and offer support toward one another's personal growth? 

  • How can we make decisions that reflect our core beliefs and keep us connected?

  • How do we develop a plan of action to reach for what is important and unique to us?

  • Who will spur us on toward greater success and celebrate with us what has been accomplished?


Coaching Packages are available for Marriage Summit™ Retreats, hourly calls, by Skype, or in office visits.  Together, we focus on enhancing your personal development and marriage relationship.  Through strategic conversations, creative processes, goal setting, and accountability, you will find results you have been longing for.


Reconnect - Rebuild - Reset



The Retreat



​​A Marriage Summit™ meets you and your spouse's need to step away from normal life in order to retreat, reconnect, and hit the reset button on your marriage priorities. Our biblical approach to marriage relationship coaching aligns your hearts to God and to one another, which enables you to gain new strength and reach greater levels of marriage satisfaction. During the two-night Marriage Summit™ you will become awake, aware, and engaged in the larger picture of yourself, your spouse, and your marriage. This creative and strategic process is used to uncover key areas of life, moving you toward productive and purposeful living.  Together you will agree on what is needed for your personal development and marriage growth, than create a plan of action to reflect your goals. This enables you as a couple to continue building your relationship, stay connected, and enjoy life together.


Dave and Penny meet with one couple at a time in order to offer a personalized and confidential experience for their clients.  


This all-inclusive experience includes:

  • 2 night stay in a private suite in our home 

  • 4 meals

  • A dinner date

  • Airport transportation

  • One hour of Marriage Coaching to follow the retreat.


Get Away at a Marriage Summit™ Retreat




Our biblical approach to coaching involves scripture, prayer, discovery processes, and purposeful discussion.  They all work together, helping you stay strong and on course, for the marathon of marriage. 


Marriage Internal Operating System™:

We created the Marriage Internal Operating System™to help couples stay connected, reaching for greater heights of satisfaction and growth, making decisions with true conviction and with less internal conflict. 

My Convictions:  Sort our My Conviction Cards to define your core beliefs that consistently motivate your behavior and keep your life on track.  Following your Convictions anchors  your life in things of great worth, answers why you do what you do, and reduces internal conflict so you make good,  sound decisions. 

My Desires: Sort our My Desires Cards to define what you would want to spend your time and resources doing. We use this information to help you make room in your life for what is most meaningful and purposeful. 

Personality Profile and Gallup Strengths® are wonderful tools we use to help you understand your unique wiring and the best contributions you can make to those you live and work with. 


Marriage Preparation Group Coaching: Great Marriage Begin Before the Wedding.

Communication Group Coaching: The Love Motivation

Freedom from Strongholds Group Coaching: Facilitated discussion and  interactive learning.


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