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Marriage Coaching and Retreats

Marriage Summit™ Retreat 

Dave and Penny's objectives for a Marriage Summit™ Retreat is for you and your spouse to

Become more awake, aware, and engaged in the larger picture of yourself, your spouse, and your marriage. 


Align your heart and mind to Jesus and His provision that strengthens your relationship.


Discover your marriage Vision.


Build unity in the ways you view and approach life as you develop your Marriage Internal Operating System ®


Learn ways to reduce internal conflict, stay true to yourself, communicate through a united approach, and make decisions with peace and assurance. 


Create a Plan of Action that reflects your purpose, marriage vision, and ultimate desires.  

This All-Inclusive Experience Includes:

  • 16 Hours of Marriage Coaching

  • 2 - night stay in a private suite in our home 

  • 4 meals

  • A date night

  • Airport transportation

  • One-hour coaching to follow the retreat. 


To retreat is a spiritual discipline, key to your whole life health, and essential for peace, power, and productivity. 

Dave and Penny meet with one couple at a time in a peaceful and private setting.   

Hourly Coaching

We meet with couples for hourly coaching in office or via FaceTime calls. 

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